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Business English 2

Motivation Letter

Scholarship Selection Committee University of Cambridge
In place

Introduce my name is Bakti Mujiantoro, I come from Indonesia and I have been studying at Gunadarma University majoring in Information Systems semester 8. I am interested in taking a postgraduate scholarship at the University of Cambridge majoring in computer science.

My reason when I majored in Computer Science at Gunadarma University is that I am very interested in the computer world and also in the world of computer science is very much needed once. To do that, I have decided to take my bachelor degree to the next level, and assign a Masters degree in that field. computer science as my next target. Because getting this master degree will give me the skills and strong knowledge to help me achieve my dream of making a search system like google. Because now no one can match the advantages of google search site. In addition to google search site can also be able to send emails, save a file, images, or sound, and also can be used for directions using google maps application and still many advantages of google and I want to create a system like google.

My experience of studying for 8 semesters at Gunadarma University is I have ever made a scientific writing with the theme of design decision-making using correlation between products using data mining techniques based on desktop applications. In scientific writing I discuss about how to determine the relationship of items of the most items sold in sales transactions. This allows for quick, efficient, and targeted decision-making for the implementation of marketing strategies and reduces risk costs, as well as improves profits by retrieving strategic information from available information. Like that explanation of the scientific writing I have done, so with this experience I personally think that I will be a suitable candidate for the Master's Program in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

The main reason I want to take the Master of Computer Science Program at the University of Cambridge because I always wanted to continue studying in the UK, because there the development of information technology is very rapid and University of Cambridge is one of the famous University in the UK, especially in London. The University of Cambridge is also concerned with research aspects, employability of graduates, faculty commitment and international outlook. The University of Cambridge is also one of the largest universities in the UK capable of producing outstanding academics capable of being recognized worldwide. This proves that the intellectuals of the students as well as the research conducted play an active role in improving the environment. The activities of this University are always supported by the Quality Assurance Agency, and will be reviewed directly by external reviewers in the UK. The lecturing process is not only done during lectures, seminars and practical classes led by people who are experts in their fields, but also through colleges.

If I am accepted at the University of Cambridge and pass the study on time then I will return to Indonesia by utilizing the science that I can get there to achieve my dream that I have described earlier and also a researcher at a university in my homeland in computer science and also I would like to share my knowledge with others by holding a seminar to share the knowledge that I can especially to the students who are eager to continue study abroad.

So this motivation letter I made to be taken into consideration. Thank you for your attention.

Yours Faithfully,

Bakti Mujiantoro


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